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Say good by to The Last Un protected Spruse Grove on southern vancouver island.

Clip_2.bmp (248058 bytes)Welcome to the web site I created for students from the Bamfield Marine  Science Center.
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I created it to help promote a video they made about the local spruce grove.
Its actually the last unprotected grove on southern vancouver island.
This spruce grove is the last cheery , when some one eats it, it will be gone and will not be renewed.

There goal is simple "save it from extinction"

Near the center is this last un protected spruce grove on southern Vancouver island and these students have taken it upon them selves to do a video and some research on this grove.
sophie.jpg (155383 bytes)Historically speaking barkly sound  is a gold mine and springboard.JPG (1907170 bytes)this grove has been a destination for mariners from the distant past. I believe the spruce trees in this grove have been  extracted for masts for  tall ships since the Spanish started to probe the coast some 500 years ago.   The stumps can be seen all through this forest and It is a good example of real selictive logging. Mend111.jpg (33739 bytes)They left the forest behind. Unfortunately the only history that technically maters is the native history, and because the logging company who got the contract to log it,  is owned by the local tribe,  the other historical   tree stumps are ignored. Karen is pointing at a spring board hole  in a very old stump, if its older then 1840, its protected.
I believe there is evidence of pre glacial and glacial colonization by a sea faring race minning on this refugium , but that's another story.

The  Huuahaht logging company plans to clear cut the grove and use the money to buy part of it for a sub division they have planned.

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map.jpg (618022 bytes)Bamfield  is a very unique place, not only was  it a refugium during the ice age, but it never really snows here now  and if it does, It disappears the next day.
If you don't believe me just watch follow the link to the web cam placed on the top of the bmsc center.

The mountain  you see in the back ground of the web cam is  the Indian's sleeping lady , because of its location, it is still old growth forest  and a refugium. Un fortunately  all the forest are still  slated for the same fate as the European forests. Clear CUT logging.
Ten Years ago I made the statement that a clear cut resembles the ice age, in some ways. its Actually worse then an ice age, I think its prity arrigant to think man will alwaws be there to plant after a forest elimination event.
This story was sent to the forest minister Claud Richmond, after I wrote it.Clip.jpg (13418 bytes)  He wrote back with the

"clear cutting not only resembles the ice age, but also insect epidemics, wildfires and hurricane's, but in each case it will grow back.
My response to him was
"if clear cutting is as bad as the worst natural disaster Mother Nature can throw at us, why are they still doing it?."
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The final response was a letter from Premier, Brian Mulroni's assistant, "Were sorry, The priminister  can not come visit, but your concerns are dully noted".
I was not asking him to visit, I was trying to get attention to the mass deforestation in the Franklin river division ,but  I learned, if you complain its turns out worse for the forest. the annual allowable cut went from 250,000   qubic meters a year, to the present  1 million qubic meters per year, that's a lot of wood.
   During the last ice age the land was scraped baron, but refugiums were left in the places the glaciers could not hit.
Combine this with the power of the ocean and barkly sound is one of these refugiums.

417stump3.jpg (27794 bytes)In the clear cut method, the end result is simple, all old growth forests  will be reduced to the age 0, basically a first growth forest..
it baffles me how we have evolved so far , but yet  the powers that be still have not leaned how the forest really works and how important it is  to preserve the biodiverstiy of the  forests. they do not understand how important it is to the survival of the planet. 

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I would like to point out , the students only had this 1 text book with them and there plots have to be scientific , mening thay can not do randome plots, searching for the 1 plant that might be there.  It should be noted that this is what is called, temprate coastle spruse forest and its  filled with the life mentioned in Jim's book.
Think of south Vancouver island as a pie and this spruce grove is the last cheery , when some one eats it, it will be gone and will not be renewed. 
The 300 foot canopy above these trees is what gave brasscan these valuable spruce trees. worth over $20,000 each.
the volunteer asked me "how long is there rotation"? , I told him, its a 40 year rotation.
barb.jpg (287196 bytes)Taking away this old growth forest and calling the new 40 year old forest rotation   renewable, is a lie.
he then said  " there should be no issue, its the last piece left, why clear cut it.
DZ4.GIF (202079 bytes)There is no doubt, its not renewable using the 40 year rotation. This forest is thousands of years old to think it will be the same in 40 years is nuts.

They will be 40 year old trees, with course grein and knots, I call it crap.
In 40 years, it will be a life less dead zonethese mono culture trees will cut off the sun needed to create life under the canopy.
Its funny , M.B. some years ago traded the national park service something   for this private land.  being as it is the last cherry it was a smart move for the forest giant.

It's like I always, said once the pie is gone we will log the last cherry , the parks.
crew.jpg (782471 bytes)Some of the trees are enormous [record trees], giant tight grain clear  spruce trees. Each one is worth a fortune, go to revlstoke and find out what clear spruce is worth, my guess is $5 per board foot. What the students have to say is this forest is worth more,  as a standing forest, then it is worth if its eliminated. One possible use for this forest could be the selective logging of masts for tall ships. The problem is, its volume they are after.

tree.jpg (752899 bytes)The large spruce behind them was across the river when I moved hear in 1970, we used to cross it and fish in the large pool. when the company logged  THAT BLOCK, it was cheaper to pay a $10,000 fine then it was forest.jpg (675275 bytes)to  leave the prescribed buffer against the creek. They bucked the wind fall and let it shift and scour the pool clean. This was the desecration of a salmon spanning river. Its clear  they did this on purpose because of my complaint. The mentality of the company is tree huggers are there enemy and they do these things on purpose.
I went with the students and watched them do plots to record what was there [old growth] and what is there in the new 20 year old forest . I drew the  picture below years ago to  show  the different stages, from old growth, to an 80 year old forestffdrawing.jpg (440442 bytes).bufferzone.jpg (206587 bytes) The students had hobos, temperature and humidity gatherers. They placed some in the old growth and some in the 20 year old re gen. Just watching them go from the cool environment of the forest to the desert heat of a clear cut was quite an Eye opener.

see temp difference.

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Its safe to say, the forest next  to the cut block was clear cut 20 years ago,   then it was burned, this picture shows it well, IT'S  NOT HARD TO SEE WHY THE RED LEGGED FROG IS ENDANGERED..
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I do remember filing a complaint that they were going to clear cut across the salmon bearing stream as the fallers were nearing it. They stooped for some time then they continued, not only did they clear cut over the creek, they cleared right to the river's edge. as I said, it was cheaper to pay the $10,000 [1 tree]  fine, then to leave the buffer, filled with giants of spruse and ceder  . I hate to say it but for years this company has been getting away with murder to preserve the clear cut way of life.

To see the video follow this link.

For the technical data follow this link.

Support the students goal, send a letter and donation  to the nature conservancy asking they buy the Pachena river spruce  grove so it does not become bamfields first subdivision.DSCF0099.JPG (872052 bytes)

Its safe to say when the forest is a dead zone in 40 years there will be no frogs left and  no animal dens.
If you don't believe me take a walk in one of these dead zones.

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SORRY GIRLS, The red legged frog is endangered and if you kiss it, it will not turn into a prince or come back from the brink of extintion.  

This forest is slated to be logged next August and this is the only month businesses in Bamfield have to make there tourist dollars.

If you want to help out the people of this community take a vacation to Bamfield B.C. and take a tour in the last  unprotected spruce grove before its gone, winter is the best time .

Follow this link to the photo album.